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Product lead, UI, UX, & Development

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The Problem

In the power generation industry there are many different layers of needs from a wide range users that all have unique data needs.

Some of our clients are operators of large power generation sites like a wind or solar farm. Over and over we heard that our clients were spending hundreds of hours a year preparing reports for their clients that owned the sites they operated and needed a way to give all of their clients access to their site data in near real time.

And now

The Solution

I designed a solution that was easily customizable to work on any type of client from solar to geothermal.

This game changing feature allowed our clients to give detailed dashboard based data access to all of their customers in one easy to use application, and is fully editable and customizable. Their customers are now able to fully view detailed information about all of the assets they own which cut down the amount of customer service requests and questions to their engineering teams, allowing them to focus on more important tasks.