Ben Thompson

Director of Product

Proven leader with over a decade of experience leading cross-functional teams and driving product strategy, UI / UX design and development for industry-leading organizations.

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Featured Project
NarrativeWave's event detection system.

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Some of my work.

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I took over full ownership of this flagship Irvine Company app in 2021 and helped take the app from a beta product to a high performing production level application with exciting features like keyless access while touring.

Product Management, UI / UX Design
NarrativeWave: Event Detection System

I helped create a revolutionary new way turn data into actionable and trackable reports.

Product lead, UI, UX, & Development
NarrativeWave: Owner's Portal

A solution to a complex, multi-user problem.

Product lead, UI, UX, & Development
ROC Group

A company stuck in the dark ages of web design is brought back to life in 2020.

UX Design & Development

Re-design website to better reach and educate users about the product.

UI, UX, & Development
Coming Soon

I was given the task re-design a very dated and cheap looking website and make it look like it was worthy of this giant company.

UI, UX Design